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Full Service Move
$599.00 - $799.00 Per Student*

*Pricing dependent on the type of housing
*Additional fees may apply for excessive or large items


We Pack Up

During your scheduled pack up window, we pack up your items directly from your current dorm or on-campus apartment.

We Store

Over the summer or study abroad period, we store everything locally in a secure climate-controlled facility.

We Deliver

Finally, we deliver your items to your new dorm or on-campus apartment to begin the new semester.

Professional Service!

Dorm Pack Pros Inc. has firsthand experience with how hectic it can be moving a student back and forth from college. That’s why we created a hassle-free way of packing and storing your student’s belongings in way that takes the stress off of you.

Simply sign up, indicate your traditional move out week or date range if off cycle move is requested, tag the items you want packed and we will do the rest! Our professional staff will arrive to the student’s dorm room, document and pack the designated items. We provide all packing materials, including boxes, bubble wrap and tape.

Enjoy your summer or session abroad and we will contact you regarding the delivery of your items back to your new housing location.

Decided not to return? We also are able to coordinate with you shipment of the items to other locations. Standard shipping and handling fees will be applied.

1How much does this cost?
$599-$799 per student depending on the housing assignment/location for the student, single rooms and apartments are higher priced. This includes boxes, packing supplies & 4 months of climate-controlled storage.
2How does this work?
The student designates what they are not taking away from campus and our staff will come with all the necessary packing supplies and pack up all the items. We store the items in a climate-controlled facility. We will deliver all stored items back to the student at their on-campus residence location at the beginning of the next semester.
3Are the costs per dorm room or per student?
Per student.
4What all do you supply?
Boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper and tape.
5What does my student need to do?
Sign up online at and then designate the items they would like packed and stored. We do the rest!
6Where are the student’s belongings stored?
In a secure climate-controlled facility.
7What happens if my student does not return to campus?
Arrangements can be made with us to pack up your student’s items and ship them to their home. Additional shipping and handling fees will apply.

What Our Customers Have To Say

  • THANK YOU so much for all your efforts on my behalf.  I genuinely appreciate the professionalism.  Thank you for making this seamless for me.
  • This is the most amazing service EVER! The ease of packing up that they provided for my family is invaluable and truly beyond our expectations. The experience was helpful, productive and truly supported our son's transition to and from college in a perfect way. We are so appreciative of this service option. It truly saved us so much time and helped in the best ways possible.

Dorm Room Moving Made Easy